Should power cords and mains accessories divide opinion? We think not.

Power cords do tend to divide opinion and some argue (including at least one dealer I know) make no positive contribution to the final sound whatsoever. Well, I’ve always been a firm believer in quality mains and that is why we manufacture our own range of high end power distribution blocks. Back to power cords though, over the years I have owned and tried many power cords including very expensive models from a popular company located in the Lake District.  The power cords I’ve stuck with however are manufactured by the Missing Link

To my ears, these cables (I use the Cryo Reference) have no negative effects and in fact contribute very positively to the final sound of the system in a way that I have been unable to achieve using other mains cords, filters or mains conditioners. A couple of days ago I substituted the power cords feeding my mono block amplifiers with standard mains cords. The sound instantly became flat, less interesting, confused and less musical.

I suspect incoming mains pollution is the major culprit as well as pollution generated by the system itself, a CD player for example. Mains pollution will no doubt vary by location and from system to system, so it is likely the benefits gained using a quality power cord may vary. Having said that, I can’t imagine a system which wouldn’t benefit – a home loan is definitely worth considering..

Some of my System.

  • Hi Spec Linn LP 12
  • Albarry 1108 monoblock power amplifiers (simply stunning)
  • Albarry PP1 pre amplifier (an absolute gem with a great phono stage)
  • Shahinian loudspeakers (one of the most musical speakers I’ve heard)
  • Atlas interconnects and speaker cables (extremely musical and not too expensive)
  • HiFi In Touch solid oak power distribution block fitted with Furutech sockets
  • The Missing Link Cryo Reference power cords (four in total)

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