Inspire HiFi – Inspirational turntables for most budgets

Inspire HiFi has been associated with HiFi In Touch for a couple of years now. Whilst I had met up with Robert, the MD of Inspire HiFi a number of times at audio shows, it was not until recently I visited his business premises – this was a mistake!  Inspire HiFi stock and manufacture an overwhelming range of turntables as well as offering superb listening facilities. Most, if not all of their turntables are exhibited and maintain the highest standard of manufacture, not to mention the attention to detail both visually and audibly.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in high end vinyl replay to pay them a visit, you will get a very warm welcome.

See Inspire HiFi’s dealer page on HiFi In Touch for current offers and contact details.

an example of an Inspire HiFi Setup

One of many stunning setups by Inspire HiFi

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